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Leigh L. Noble, PhD

You've reached my Home Page at the USMA Dept of Mathematical Sciences.       The URL for this page is

Mailing Address:
United States Military Academy
646 Swift Road, MADN-MATH
West Point, NY 10996-1905

EMAIL:     PHONE: (845) 938-2413     OFFICE: TH224 Thayer Hall     DEPT FAX: (845) 938-2409

After June 25, 2008 the address will no longer be checked, and this website will no longer be maintained and may disappear.
Please find me at [] and write noble at leighnoble dot 0rg instead.

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I am a Davies Fellow (an NRC Postdoc []) at the USMA Department of Mathematical Sciences. I work closely with my co-advisers Thomas Wright and James McCauley at the US Army Research Lab [ ]. You can read more below.

A short professional biography:

I completed my master's and doctorate degrees at the University of Kentucky [] in Lexington, KY. I passed qualifying exams in Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, and Numerical & Linear Algebra. My dissertation, titled Recovery of through-thickness texture profiles in orthorhombic sheets of cubic metals by resonance spectroscopy, was successfully defended in December 2004 under the supervision of Chi-Sing Man [].

I am currently a Research Associate supported by a National Research Council fellowship. I am working at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY with visits to my co-advisors Thomas W. Wright and James W. McCauley at the US Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. My project is called Quantitative relationships between stress distributions, microstructure and high strain rate performance of advanced ceramics.

I'll update this website with current talks and published papers as they become available. If you have any questions for me feel free to use the mailto: link above and I'll try to reply promptly.

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