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This is homepage for Sections B3, C3 and D3 of MA205: Integral Calculus and Introduction to Differential Equations .

B3 0840 – 0935 (B/H hour) 1-days and 2-days   TH356
C3 0950 – 1045 (C/I hour) 1-days and 2-days   TH356
D3 1100 – 1155 (D/J hour) 1-days and 2-days   TH356

Be sure to periodically check the webpage common to all MA205 sections: http://www.math.usma.edu/courses/MA205/ .

Class Syllabus: (Click for pdf)   (Click for HTML)
This syllabus is in addition to the Instructional Memorandum located in the Course Guide & Work Book.

Remaining Due Dates:

Date Lsn   Event Notes
Aug 28 (Tues) 07   Homework 1 Click for pdf         Click here for Solution in pdf.
Sept 07 (Fri) 12   Quiz 1 Covered Lessons 7-10 Work Book problems. See solutions to Lsn 8 MBP 2 and Lsn 7 MBP 3 in TH226.
Sept 18 (Tues) 18   WPR 1 The WPR is during Class Time in the same room as regular class. You should bring pencil, calculator, textbook, computer, and 8.5 by 11 inch notes sheet for the reference portion of the test. No materials will be shared. There is also a non-reference portion of the test. Feel free to look at my ideas of the main themes.
Sept 20 (Thurs) 19   Project 1 The project documents are located at the MA205 main homepage under "Course Project Material".
Be sure to read all the documents there to perfect your project submission and be sure to look at pages 9 –10 of Oral Presentation Evaluation Guide from the main 205 homepage.
The Option B/Research reading materials are located here, or under "Course Materials" on the MA205 main homepage.
For our sections, A=0.85, B=24, C=30000.
Section B3 Presenters: (Alexander, Dominiak, Dutton) and (Harman, Lemoine, Parten)
Section C3 Presenters: (Ericksen, Groves), (Griffin, Lewis), (Lowe, Makowski)
Section D3 Presenters: (Castillo, Martinez, May), (Guevara-Nunez, Thomas, Ziegler)
Oct 02 (Tues) 26   Homework 2 HW2 is here . Solutions are here.
Oct 16 (Tues) 34   Quiz 2 Quiz 2 covered Lessons 27 and 29. Problem 1 was from Lsn 27 MBP 1 and problem 2 was MBP 4 from Lsn 29. The bonus came from Lsn 29 MBP 1c. All solutions are in TH226.
Oct 25 (Thurs) 39   WPR 2 For those going on a trip section during the WPR, the make-ahead will be on Oct 24, during class. For all others it is on Oct 25, during class.
Oct 29 (Mon) 40   Project 2 Color version of Project 2.
Information on my Grading Guidelines.
Section B3 Presenters: (Miller, Sherry, Stancombe), (Cecil, O'Connor, Toffler)
Section C3 Presenters: (Rafla, Stabler), (Hopkins, Phang), (Dotson, Harris)
Section D3 Presenters: (Fasolak, Mclellan, Rossi)
Presentations should be 10 minutes long. For further info about the project or presentations, see the MA205 main page under Course Project Material. Note that different instructors have different data in Tables 1 and 2. I won't require brown bombers.
Nov 06 (Tues) 45   Homework 3 The homework is here. Solutions to HW3: The by hand portion is here. The Mathematica portion is here.
Nov 14 (Wed) 48   Quiz 3 Quiz 3 came from Lesson 44 PSP number 2(a) and Lesson 45 PSP 6(a). Solutions to those course guide problems are in TH226.
Nov 20 (Tues) 53   WPR 3 If you will be on CPRC during WPR3, you will take a makeup on Wednesday November 28 during normal class time. As far as I know, only 2 students fall into this category and they have already been in contact with me. If there is anyone else...please let me know ASAP.
Nov 29 (Thurs) 55   Project 3 Proj 3 is located here. The reference materials for Option B are located here. No brown bomber is required. If your group has not completed Option B for one of the previous 2 projects, then you must do Option B for this project.
Dec 3 (Mon) 56   Project 3 Presenations Section B3 Presenters: (Harrell, Readinger, Steward-Blakely), (Losey, Reding)
Section C3 Presenters: (Kim, McGrory), (Eischer, Moulton)
Section D3 Presenters: (Bell, Trevino, Turner), (Cowan, Harris, Sorensen)
Dec 04—Dec 14 TBD   Engineering Sequence Graded Event  
Dec 17 NEW! 1500 until 1830 xx   TEE NEW! TEE Room Assignments (final):
  • Section B3 = TH 357
  • Section C3 = TH 359
  • Section D3 = TH 360

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